About The Author

Crystal Crutchfield is a wife and a stay- at- home mother of two. She loves to read and write and create stories that her own children can enjoy.

She loves small animals and spending time with family. She hopes this children’s book brings as much joy to you as it did to her writing it.

About The Book

Becoming a Big Brother

This book is about a young boy who is an only child whose mom is pregnant and now about to have a baby, so he will no longer be the only child anymore. He is nervous about becoming a big brother because he really doesn't know what being a big brother means. He's afraid his mom and dad won't have time for him anymore, but also he gets excited once the baby arrives; he realizes that his job as a big brother is important because his mom and grandmother told him so. He decided that he wanted to do everything he could to be a positive image to the new baby! He wanted the baby to look up to him, he was no longer nervous, just excited because he knew he was no longer alone and he had a new best friend for life and that made him happy and ready to take on the task as a big brother and best friend!

Little Sister

This book is about a little girl named Lizzy, who is often sad because she can’t do the things her two older siblings can do. In this story, Lizzy will discover that being the youngest or smallest isn’t so bad after all!